"How To Write Better Songs Now, Stand Out from the Crowd, and Get Your Songs Heard (Even If You Don't Know Where to Start!)"
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John Chisum
"John's experience as both a songwriter and mentor has garnered him a platform few seldom achieve. For the songwriter desiring to better their skills, gaining time with John Chisum will be time well spent!” 

Luke Gambill/Brentwood-Benson Music
“John Chisum has worked with the best. He understands from the inside out what makes a song true, what makes it work, and what makes it great. Run, don’t walk, to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!” 

Dave Williamson, Arranger
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  •  How to THINK like a professional songwriter and write your most COMPELLING songs ever 
  •  Five powerful shifts that bring IMMEDIATE RESULTS in your songwriting
  •  Tap into HIDDEN CREATIVITY and resources to write lasting lyrics and powerful melodies
  •  BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE and LOSE ALL FEAR about getting your songs in front of the right people
  •  OVERCOME BURNOUT, find fresh song ideas, and end writer's block forever!
"John has helped me see that songwriting is worship and deserves to be my best offering to God. He's helped me recognize the value of a great hook and how to write from my heart." Arch DeBoard, Esq/Songwriter
“John Chisum has helped us to balance on the fine line between lyrical depth, relevance, and marketability. He has encouraged us tremendously while challenging us to dig deeper and take more risks to be the best songwriters we can be!” Drakeford/Singer-Songwriters
"John has obviously put his heart and soul into this... My songwriting is becoming more of a dicipline, and ideas are just overflowing! Thanks, John!" Karen Fout/Songwriter
“Be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night with an ‘Aha moment!,’ or while driving down the road for that matter. This will open up a new world for you!” Debbie Davis
WARNING - These trainings always fill up fast and we cannot guarantee your spot will be reserved unless you act now. While they are 100% FREE, the value you receive is nothing less than transformational!
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